Floral Monday

Hi Saffron Readers! This week, I’ve decided to focus on work outfits! It’s very hot here in Nashville and with what seems like a 20 degree gradient between inside and outside temperatures, it can be difficult to decide what to wear! I’ll be featuring an outfit a day to help give you some ideas!

Messy hair don’t care…  

I love blue. I love wearing blue (see previous post) and it’s very hard for me to resist any shade of that glorious color when I’m at the store. These pants (Petite Scarlet Floral Riviera Pant- Julie Fit ) are from LOFT of course! The material is actually quite thin, making it perfect to wear to work when it feels like 100 degrees outside. They sit comfortably at the hip and are a little shorter in length. The ankle isn’t tapered, but I think they look great with block heels. I paired this top with a bright red shirt that I’ve had for years (purchased at a small boutique in Austin, Texas) to match the color of the red in the pattern of the pant. I have a thing for funky sleeves, so this top is definitely a favorite of mine!

Accessories- you’ve seen most of them before minus the shoes. These were a recent purchase from DSW! I have them in size 5.5. They are great for work and are comfortable to walk in!

See you tomorrow!


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