I love clothes, although I don’t know if I can really say I love fashion. I’m not one to follow luxury designers and watch shows from New York Fashion Week, etc. I love wearing clothes, and when I have the right outfit on, it feels amazing (you know what I’m talking about!)

As a biomedical researcher, we aren’t forced to follow a strict dress code. We’re more on the casual side of business-casual, no jeans of course. I’m not tucked away in a lab, so I have to look somewhat presentable. The problem is that leniency makes things difficult. Some people come in leggings, while others come in heels/pencil skirt/blouse. It’s all very confusing.

To add more pieces to the puzzle, I’m petite. I’m talking about 5’0 here… So dressing in leggings brings my age down by 15 years or so…

Putting outfits together is a struggle. Everyday, I wake up, stand in my closet and stare at my clothes… thinking, “Oh, if I’d only put together my outfit the night before!” (Yea, that never happens)

My style goes through cycles. I’ll feel oh-so trendy for a good two weeks, with a little strut in my step, only to hit a slump afterwards where every outfit feels so drab…Bottom of the cycle- does not feel so good… it’s like borderline not caring that you wore maybe the same legging/pants to work three times that week….

Anyways, this part of the blog is more for me than you. It’s so I can remember all of those ‘amazing’ outfits that I can never seem to remember. Hah! Also, it is my attempt to be a bit more conscientious of dressing in an affordable fashion (no pun intended) which is something that I am also trying to learn!

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